Care instructions

Our brushes age beautifully

We want our handmade brushes to continue being a joy to use a long time to come. With a little simple care, they will age beautifully. Clean the brushes with washing-up liquid and warm water. Let them dry  thoroughly between uses bristles down, and from time to time oil the wood. We recommend a food grade oil or cold pressed linseed oil that applies with a cloth. If linseed oil is used make sure to rinse the cloth properly in water to avoid that it catches fire. Let the oil soak well into the wood before using the brush again.


Many of our bath brushes are made of oak. Oak is one of the hardest types of wood we have and has been used to boat designs over the years due to its exceptional ability to conduct water and dry up quickly with the help of its long hollow fibers that carry away the water. The core contains a high degree of tannic acid that acts as a natural impregnation.

Oak may sometimes “bleed” in a natural process when the tannic acid in the wood travels through the fibre as a very fine, rust-coloured particles. Keep in mind that porous stone materials can be extra sensitive to stains. If your sink or bathtub gets stained: apply bicarbonate on a lemon cut in half, add water. And scrub!



By adding a small addition of polymer (plastic) the concrete becomes elastic and pliable. It´s is not so soft that it can be bent, it’s still a stone material but has a pleasant feeling to it - warm, smooth and comfortable. The products are molded by hand in a small foundry outside of Stockholm. The concrete is cast of a relatively viscous mass that causes the surface to receive a varying smoothness and color variations occurs, this contributes to the vibrant impression.

Best way to clean is with detergent, a soft dish brush in horsehair and tepid water then wipe with a dish towel.

Note that you cannot fill the concrete cup with water and cleaning detergent and have the brush standing in it. Use the brush with toilet cleaners, clean the toilet, shake out excessive water and place the brush in the concrete cup.

Knitted organic cotton

The organic cotton has a beautiful shine and the knitted surface looks luxurious and gives a nice exfoliating feeling.  Wash at 40 degrees and don't tumble dry.