Ulf Hanses

Ulf Hanses is a prominent Swedish industrial designer known for his playful functionalism and innovative design. His work is characterized by a play with shapes, volumes, and proportions, which has led to collaborations with well-known companies such as Boda Nova, IKEA, Playsam, and Handitech. Hanses has been active as an industrial designer since the 1970s and began his career as an apprentice to the legendary designer Sigvard Bernadotte at the age of 19.

One of Hanses' most iconic creations is Playsam's famous toy car, the Streamliner, which was launched in 1984. This wooden toy, appreciated equally by adults and children, has become an international design classic and has been awarded several distinctions, including being featured on a postage stamp in a 2005 special edition of other Swedish-designed products. Svensk Form has described the car as "An object that awakens the desire of the hand and the eye."

Hanses' design work has not only resulted in commercial success but has also been recognized in the design world through awards such as Utmärkt Svensk Form on several occasions. He has participated in numerous design exhibitions both nationally and internationally, and his works are represented in prestigious museums such as the Tokyo Toy Museum and the Japan Toy Museum.
In summary, through his creativity and skill, Ulf Hanses has created designs that unite aesthetics with functionality, and his work continues to inspire and delight people around the world.

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